ETFs vs. Mutual Funds - The Debate Continues

May 22, 2008

When you spend every waking hour for a decade working on a mutual fund investing website, you get a little cranky over fund-related innacuracies. We were so annoyed about that trader/gibberish panel discussion about exchange traded funds vs. mutual funds the other day we decided to make our own video about the very same subject. Sort of. Well, it's really just a segment on a business TV show about said topic. At a bar. Hey - we're not Morningstar or CNBC - we don't get to have a conference at a fancy hotel with thousands in attendance. Anyhoo, we're pretty sure co-founder Jonas Ferris hadn't had a drink before participating in this enlightening ETF discussion.


The Debate Continues
Anonymous — POSTED May 24th, 2008 11:18PM

This was useless- here is a hint for you in the future when you do another interview. Shut up, and let the person you interview talk for gods sake. My goodness man, you really talked way too much.